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How To Clean A Paint Brush

how to clean a paint brush

119/365 - April 29th, 2011.

119/365 - April 29th, 2011.

I stayed up far too late watching the Royal Wedding coverage... But I made myself turn it off before they left in the carriage. I was surprised at how it sucked me in, I only turned it on due to the hype from others around me. Yet I couldn't turn away, it was all really cool. Kate was gorgeous. The dress was just breathtaking. Anyway, I thought I had to wake up early this morning but after not falling asleep until 7:30 am, I was more than thankful to hear that I did NOT have to get up at 9. So, I slept a bit later and then, I hit the floor running.

I wanted to plant but it just couldn't happen until I restretched my garden fence to protect the seeds, seedlings and bigger plants from the chickens, ducks and goose. Then, I remembered I needed a way to identify my million different types of tomatoes this year and to mark my beans as I plant them. So, I grabbed my paints, a brush, some old skewers and some stakes from an old garden fence and went to work. I counted how many I had of the different tomatoes (other than Better Boy. I have 30ish of them. No need to mark those!) and then, I wrote each tomato type down, how many I had and the color that would represent that type.

Fairly simple. Yellow means yellow pear tomatoes, blue means Cherokee Purple, etc.. But still, I have my list so I know for sure! This is what happens when I don't go out and buy popsicle sticks to mark each type. Nope, I decide a color coding system sounds much better. It is prettier... In a colorful way.

I painted my bean markers as well. They aren't perfect. The wood was rough so my painting looks like that of a preschooler. However, I prefer a rougher look. I don't like pristine. Hence the reason I didn't sand/repaint the stakes before painting the names on them today. I sprayed sealant on everything after.

Finally, I pulled on my overalls (handy with the pockets for seeds, tools, etc!) and I headed down to the garden... The chickens and ducks were thoroughly enjoying foraging through the freshly turned dirt. I really hate to lock them out but they won't stop at the bugs. If it's not my seedlings, when the plants bear fruit, they will clean them off. So, it must be done. But they had a full day to pick all of the goodies out first. They followed my every move as I raked out the soil and smoothed it up. I kind of didn't want them to eat all of the worms but it was irresistible how they cackled happily and ran for anything I unearthed.

I think I have a "small" garden but in the grand scheme of things, I suppose it is rather large. It felt massive when I was smoothing it out for planting. So much so that I decided I'd leave the upper half a bit ahem, not smooth. I took a break and then, I grabbed all needed items for the next think on my agenda. Including homemade strawberry lemonade. Because that is needed, ya know. I bordered on freaking out when I realized I didn't have everything I needed to restretch the fence. If I had to wait another week, I would possibly lose it.

But luckily, my mom showed up and saved the day, bending the wire without issue. She helped me secure it, making it very much chicken and duck proof. Then, we put up my tomato fence panels in the garden. I'm moving my tomatoes up hill this year and hoping for some rockin' results. We shall see...

By the time all was finished, it was nearing dark. And the chicks and ducklings needed to be put up, the goat needed to be fed. So, tomorrow, I shall start fresh and plant my long list of seeds, seedlings and plants.

I can't wait... Hands in the dirt? True happiness.

In the beginning....

In the beginning....

For those that have asked how I do the backgrounds n' such (those that have colour, anyway), here's how it starts.

Under perfect conditions, I wouldn't have to gesso (or "primer" for you non-fancy people, of which I was one until just a few weeks ago when I learned that gesso is basically primer) the canvas or canvas board that I wanted to work on. However, this particular one didn't come out how I wanted so I slapped gesso on it to start over. I didn't gesso the board to a stark white because I knew I'd be painting over top of it again anyway and I kinda wanted the texture of the brush marks.

So. Start with blank canvas/board and pick a colour palette. For this one, I'm aiming for a background of pinks, so I picked out a bunch of different red tones. (The one that looks brown is a metallic ruby. I like a little bit of bling.) Note that I use an incredibly fancy palette mixing thing made of a tinfoil sheet. I find they work really well when I'm working on backgrounds because I can mush and mix and do what I do without having to clean anything. And then I can just fold it over and reuse the other side.

I snapped the photo before I squooged (which is a very technical term) a giant globber (also a v.t.t.) of white paint onto the foil that I use to lighten the reds to pinks. I also squooged ribbons of pink from a bottle all willy-nilly on the canvas because it was light enough to be used as a mixer for the other stuff.

how to clean a paint brush

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